In 1996, Betsy Peterson founded The Children’s Heart Foundation with her husband, Steve, and the support of her generous friends and family. One of her best friends, Melissa Haley, was particularly instrumental in the creation of the Foundation. Since its inception, The Children’s Heart Foundation has become the nation’s leading organization dedicated to funding CHD research.

We are pleased to share with you that The Haley Foundation has generously matched $50,000 in donations made to The Children’s Heart Foundation up to $100,000. This means your gift will DOUBLE the impact on funding life-saving congenital heart defect research.

We’re excited to share that, with your incredible support, we achieved (and EXCEEDED!) our goal of raising $100,000 for our Matching From The Heart Campaign. 

We are counting on your support to help us go beyond the finish line! Please consider donating to our Matching from the Heart challenge today!

For the Heart Warriors we serve daily, 100% of your gift will be restricted to help fund congenital heart research and make a lasting impact on these families. Thank you for supporting the Matching From The Heart Campaign and doubling your impact!

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The Haley Foundation is a private foundation, formed with the intention of bringing awareness and support to the needs, the welfare, and the betterment of maternal and child healthcare in the U.S. and around the world.

Melissa, born in Chicago and raised in Evanston, Illinois is now enthusiastically embracing her next chapter. After a long career in Chicago’s Gold Coast in business and commercial property ownership and management she looks to the gratifying endeavor of philanthropy by uniting her personal and foundation mission to support and advocate for others. Melissa is currently aligned with PARTNERS IN HEALTH as a member of the Chicago Women’s Alliance and South Florida Women’s Alliance, THE CHILDREN’S HEART FOUNDATION CHF, and CENTER FOR CHILD COUNSELING, Melissa is finding her personal gratitude and joy.

In 1996, alongside her dear friend and founder of THE CHILDREN’S HEART FOUNDATION Betsy Peterson, Melissa served as one of the organization’s founding members and VP. In 1996 there were no public or private organizations focused solely on Congenital Heart Research. Betsy and Melissa along with dedicated friends and valued members of the medical community came together to create the CHF. Now in 2018 the CHF has grown to include chapters in 19 states all dedicated to raising funds and awareness for congenital heart research.

Melissa’s role as VP and later as President, positively impacted the strength of the CHF advocacy program both in Chicago and in Washington D.C. Her efforts resulted in several groundbreaking areas.

Embracing her next chapter in life Melissa is now guiding her private foundation, THE HALEY FOUNDATION towards the social causes affecting our world. She is grateful and joyful to be able to support and advocate for those organizations working hard to improve the quality of lives through quality health care systems, research, and programs. The Haley Foundation actively supports and advocates for quality health care for all through improved health systems, research, and affordable procedures to improve the lives of women, children, families, and communities.


Center for Child Counseling

Our Vision:
Healthy, resilient children and families through ACEs-aware and trauma-informed communities.

Our Mission:
Center for Child Counseling is building the foundation for playful, healthful, and hopeful living for children, families, and communities. To learn more about our approach and impact in Palm Beach County, please click on the button below.

Core Values:
Ways of Being: Playful, Healthful, and Hopeful.

The Children's Heart Foundation

The Children’s Heart Foundation is the country’s leading organization solely dedicated to funding the most promising congenital heart defect (CHD) research. To date, The Children’s Heart Foundation has funded over $15 million of CHD research and scientific collaborations—driving breakthroughs that have improved survival rates, longevity, and quality of life for individuals living with CHDs in dramatic and life-changing ways. To learn more or donate, watch this short video, or click the button below.

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The Ryan Licht Sang Bipolar Foundation

The Ryan Licht Sang Bipolar Foundation is dedicated to fostering awareness, understanding and research for Early-Onset Bipolar Disorder. The Foundation is on a QUEST FOR THE TEST™ to find an empirical, biomarker test for Bipolar Disorder so that early detection and early intervention become a reality.

Partners In Health

Our mission is to provide a preferential option for the poor in health care. By establishing long-term relationships with sister organizations based in settings of poverty, Partners In Health strives to achieve two overarching goals: to bring the benefits of modern medical science to those most in need of them and to serve as an antidote to despair.

We draw on the resources of the world’s leading medical and academic institutions and on the lived experience of the world’s poorest and sickest communities. At its root, our mission is both medical and moral. It is based on solidarity, rather than charity alone.

When our patients are ill and have no access to care, our team of health professionals, scholars, and activists will do whatever it takes to make them well—just as we would do if a member of our own families or we ourselves were ill.

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